• Making 2023 Better: Eco-Friendly Packaging

    This new year, Happy Shift PH will venture on making our deliveries more eco-friendly.
  • A Crowd Favorite: Happy Shift PH in various content and medium

    We are overjoyed and grateful for the love and care that you show our brand. We are honored to be part of any of your study and humbled that you choose us as one of the subjects of your great pursuits.
  • Our E&E Focus and Advocacy

    We are one with World Literacy Foundation in taking part in a global initiative to eradicate illiteracy and functional illiteracy through the platforms that we currently have. We believe that literacy can also help people to understand how much our nature is suffering and through it, we may all exert an effort to take care of it; at the same time–learning to educate ourselves about the truth and nothing less.