Our Story

The idea of putting up this social enterprise started in 2016 in an 18 sqm. apartment in between jobs, career shifts, heartbreaks, and the stressful pace of waking up each morning doing things I do not like to do anymore. 
Since then, we grew (permitted, developed). 

I have exposed myself to various campaigns and volunteer to some organizations - sometimes I've gone MIA but most time, quietly supported movements close to my heart; projects that I know will make a impact no matter how tiny. 

I have always believed I am an extrovert - one that can navigate through around people, who like to be with people and socialize, but as I discovered myself through the years, I have finally made peace to my introvertedness - that I like things lowkey, that I like helping and not demanding for it to be recognized but to be of use, and I like to support silently, and that I love to enjoy things quietly. That is how Happy Shift is, too. 

We are silent, we are low-key, that sometimes we also think if we are still creating an impact. We are without a noise, and sometimes we know its silence ruin it for us or somehow pain us. But, we are in this in the long haul. We want to do this and make necessary shifts to usually consumed items that are sustainable, eco-friendly, locally-made, and locally-sourced. 

Part of our sales are silently donated (no matter how little it may be) to several causes we support. For transparency, we will regularly make a report about it and we will highlight causes you have also supported. 

Our story is the ones you also tell us-- verbally through your feedback, during talks when we have privileged to speak in front of you or through virtually, and most especially silently/quietly. Your support means so much to us to continue our story, our journey, our advocacy, and our life. - SH, Owner and Founder