Happy Shift is a passion project and eco enterprise to empower and support the local community in the many how to’s of all-natural, sustainable, and green living.

Happy Shift went through different positive changes throughout its early years. Today, it is a retail online shop promoting and supporting all-natural items that are sustainable, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and made affordable for everyone. 

We, at Happy Shift, advocate for the environment and livelihood supporting the local market. Our online presence is a venue to learn more about the environment, its struggles, and viable solutions to preserve and uplift it.

As an eco enterprise, we provide a 'shift' to the usual consumed products with the commitment to deliver unceasing contribution for the benefit of our nature, our homeland, and our kababayan

A portion of our sales is being donated to various local organization and individuals to support people who are in need, our nature, and our local community livelihood. 

2022 Business Registration and Permits