Our E&E Focus and Advocacy

Our E&E Focus and Advocacy

Happy Shift PH, since it is just only an idea and not an enterprise yet per se, has been committed to the betterment of the community, understanding a need, and addressing those needs by providing sustainable solutions.

We get a lot of questions as far as our community-based brand is concerned, why do we not appeal to those who are on the poverty line? Our answer is simple: we want to appeal to those who have the ability to help and are willing to understand what those on the poverty line are going through because being with them we see material stuff does not appeal because they always fight to live another day. But those who can understand shall understand and we hope that we can hold our hands together to reach a common goal: to extend comfort, change a system, and develop the community through education and love for the environment.

All of these might sound impossible. We know that we have a lot of problems we cannot solve in our lifetime, we are just glad to have started. And through inspiring others, may we continue the work, may we not stop, so little by little we can attain what was meant from the very start.

We are one with World Literacy Foundation in taking part in a global initiative to eradicate illiteracy and functional illiteracy through the platforms that we currently have. We believe that literacy can also help people to understand how much our nature is suffering and through it, we may all exert an effort to take care of it; at the same time–learning to educate ourselves about the truth and nothing less.

Moving forward, as we always commit to advocating for the betterment of the environment and education through literacy, our platform will not only be for retail but for also championing ideas that aim to educate, engage, and encourage people to support projects with greater causes for the benefit of nature and the masses.

With every order we sell, five percent (5%) of that total amount is being donated to education, environment, and community causes we support. Some of such causes are uploaded on our website and social media pages for transparency. As we improve our products and services, we aim to be more transparent about what we do. We aim for more partners and initiatives to support through and through.

Thank you to all of you who have been with us since the beginning. We promise to offer more locally and sustainably made items for you and continue with this advocacy.

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