Making 2023 Better: Eco-Friendly Packaging

Making 2023 Better: Eco-Friendly Packaging

Hello, everyone!

I am happy to be with you all again this year as we celebrate our 7th year as an enterprise! It was not an easy ride especially when the pandemic hit but like all of you (from whom I take inspiration), this business continued to strive and ensure to offer (and eliminate, if I may say) products that be of helpful to your daily lives, to sustainable living, at that!

This new year, Happy Shift PH will venture on making our deliveries more eco-friendly. We have always struggled about logistics in the past because it is always a trial and error and most of the things, we cannot control; however, we see that we can do something about delighting you in every purchase made.

Originally, we really do not buy some of our logistics packaging like bubble wrap, boxes, plastics, for example. We were just re-using those materials from our own deliveries as we do not want them going to waste; so we see the point of re-using them and at least avoid litters piling up. This year, we opt not to use those anymore and we encourage our suppliers to do the same or manage our own pick-up.

This 2023, we want to be more presentable to all of you, our dear clients, without causing much harm to our environment and contributing non-biodegradable waste to our landfills. We are fully embracing a better way to transmit to you your parcels safely and of quality.

From bubble wraps, we replaced it with honeycomb paper wrapping papers. To better secure your packages, we now opted for corrugated boxes where we also put product information and thank you cards (also an addition this year!) to guide you with your purchase, your sales invoice (SI) as your right to have a receipt on your every purchase and to ensure that your transactions with us are legitimate, and with them is our love and gratitude for your support with this endeavor.

We are grateful for your support and we are happy that you are in this advocacy together!

Sustainably yours, 
Owner and Founder, Happy Shift PH

P.S. The thank you and product information cards are good bookmarks! Please re-use or dispose properly as you see fit.
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