• Our E&E Focus and Advocacy

    We are one with World Literacy Foundation in taking part in a global initiative to eradicate illiteracy and functional illiteracy through the platforms that we currently have. We believe that literacy can also help people to understand how much our nature is suffering and through it, we may all exert an effort to take care of it; at the same time–learning to educate ourselves about the truth and nothing less.
  • Happy Shift Gift Registry: Making your celebrations extra special and sustainable

    As we always wanted to be part of your special celebrations, we are now offering a gift registry option that you can provide to your guests or invitees!
  • 2021: The year that was | Hello, 2022!

    We want to show our deepest gratitude to all of you who believed in us and supported our causes so we may be able to support other causes as well.
  • Living a more Sustainable and Climate-friendly life

    Living sustainably means living more environment-friendly, making daily choices that  reduce our negative impact on our environment. 
  • Happy Shift is now on MetroMart!

    Happy Shift has partnered with MetroMart Philippines to offer our products on a same-day delivery setup. With MetroMart, you will receive your purchased Happy Shift items within a 2-hour period. 
  • 3 Ways to Detox Your Home

    Detox your home (and your life) in three easy ways – all-natural, sustainable, and affordable.

  • Happy Shift at 5

    As we traverse through the new year ahead, we want to expand our horizons – locally and hopefully, internationally. We cannot thank you enough for the five years you have been with us, we hope you continue to support us and our advocacy to the next years or more.
  • #Bayanihan for the Victims Typhoon Ulysses

    We know that by doing this consistently, little by little, we can create a difference not only to the environment but also to people who are deemed essential to the change. We will be continuing what we have started, and we hope that you become a part of it. By simply supporting our products, together we can make a difference.

  • 5 Reasons Why Happy Shift Calamansi Soap is our BEST-SELLER

    We started offering our Calamansi Soap with Baking Soda in 2018, here are five reasons why it is our BEST-SELLER.
  • The Hero Trio: Happy Shift Disinfectant Kit

    It is always better to be safe than sorry. As we go back to our corporate jobs, fieldwork, and activities under the General Community Quarantine (GCQ), let us embrace the new and better normal to shun COVID-19 and other viruses. 

  • How Technology Is Helping Us to Eat and Live Cleaner

    If there is anything that we know, it is that tech will keep playing a huge role in this matter. While humans are more aware of how to keep the environment safer for the coming generation, we can rest easy knowing that additional forces are also in this fight for a better planet with us.
  • Earth Day 2020: Climate Action

    The Earth is being celebrated annually every April 22nd. This year, April 22, 2020, marks its 50th year with the theme, Climate Action.