We Are Onto Something New

We Are Onto Something New

We cannot begin the excitement, really, of venturing onto something NEW!
This coming -ber months, you may witness our gradual transition especially in our branding and offerings.

As we prepare for our 8th year this 2024, we are delighted but all the more challenged to bring our clientele and growing audience what they need, they want, and they desire, aligned with our advocacy of supporting and offering locally-made and locally-sourced products.

We are ecstatic to deliver more products your way, albeit different from what we used to (*wink*), but we are going bolder, better, and stronger as a social enterprise and an advocating brand towards our cause of promoting our local goods.

We will go big in this transition as we are stepping outside of our comfort zone, but one thing is for sure: Happy Shift will still remain Happy Shift, more colorful than ever.

Sustainably yours,
Happy Shift PH
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