• Say Hello to Younger Looking Skin with our All-Natural Whipp Soap

    Products like All-Natural Whipp Soap, are good ways to achieve a younger looking skin. But still, the most important thing is to love yourself, flaws and all. Remember, no blemish can steal your beauty from you!
  • 5 Key Benefits of Oatmeal Soap

    Oatmeal is relatively a healthy food or snack with lots of benefits. This ingredient in soap can also benefit your skin. Any itch, chicken pox marks, insect bite spots, and dry skin can be soothed through using oatmeal soap.
  • Top 3 Skin Benefits of Guava

    For people who are working with animals – veterinarians, groomers, and caretakers – you can use the soap to get rid of the dull and grubby smell.
  • The Many Wonders of Happy Shift SUNFLOWER OIL

    Happy Shift Sunflower Oil is made from premium-grade sunflower seeds that can give you more than 20 face, body, and hair benefits. Find out more here:
  • ALL-NATURAL SOAPS: How They Can Make A Difference

    They are all made of organic ingredients (fruits and vegetables) source locally in the Philippines. They are safe for use because they do not compose any harmful chemicals and they are packed individually in recyclable paper packaging.
  • LAVENDER SLEEPY CREAM: Helping You Achieve That Good Night's Sleep

    Lavender is a herb known for many uses and advantages. It is more commonly suggested to people having issues with their sleep and even anxiety. True enough, lavender and its distinct special scent can help you achieve that deep sleep and calming sensation. 
  • 5 Reasons Why Going Natural is Good for You

    Natural products promote health and wellness, and duly utilization of items that can be found in our environment. Thus, it should not contain any form of chemical and other mixes that can be deemed harmful for everyone and may result in some adverse reaction. 
  • Happy Shift's All-Natural Whipp Soap

    We are happy to introduce the newest addition to our Bath Products, the Happy Shift Whipp Soap. It is foamy and has a citrus smell that will leave your skin look and feel refreshed throughout the day. This product is proudly made in the Philippines.
  • BEST SELLER 2018: Happy Shift Calamansi Soap with Baking Soda

    Happy Shift Calamansi Soap with Baking Soda is purely handmade and made from 100% all-natural ingredients that are deemed safe to use. Per piece of this heaven-sent soap is at 50 grams.