ALL-NATURAL SOAPS: How They Can Make A Difference

ALL-NATURAL SOAPS: How They Can Make A Difference

All-natural soaps are duly made from organic/natural ingredients without any mix or combination of chemicals. Basically, it is made from products that are edible, therapeutic, or can be sourced easily from your local store. 

6 variants of Happy Shift's All-Natural Soaps (ingredients are locally sourced)

Many people are exploring and grabbing the opportunity to shift to using all-natural soaps as part of their daily routine. This way, they know that their skin is at a safer hand and contribute to the advancement of the local economy through supporting local shops and suppliers (SMEs). 

Others are still skeptical about utilizing all-natural soaps or other natural products per se; thinking that it would not be that much effective compared to known brands offering the same line of products. However, one thing that natural products promise is the harmless effects and sustainability to help the environment and its people financially and physically. 


Happy Shift's All-Natural Soaps come in six (6) variants: 

They are all made of organic ingredients (fruits and vegetables) source locally in the Philippines. They are safe for use because they do not compose any harmful chemicals and they are packed individually in recyclable paper packaging. We refused to wrap or package them in a box to cut on the trash that can pile on lands and even at sea. We believe that the less packaging we have, the less trash there would be, and the less cost for the products' retail price. 

Happy Shift's All-Natural Whipp Soap with Mesh Net (100 grams)


The six (6) variants of Happy Shift's All-Natural Soaps are priced at only Php55.00/each (120 grams/piece). The best-selling Calamansi Soap with Baking Soda is at Php39.00 (50 grams), and the All-Natural Whipp Soap is at Php99.00 (100 grams) with Mesh Net. 


It is essential to store the soaps at a cool dry place. You may notice that natural soaps melt faster than the usual soaps in the market. It is because they are oil-based and do not contain any chemicals that affect its overall stature.  


The soaps are good for sensitive skin. It moisturizes, revitalizes, and lighten dark spots or areas of the skin with continued use. 

While the soaps are duly safe for use, you may be allergic to some product components (grapeseed oil, coconut oil, fruits, and vegetables). To ensure your safety, stop using the soaps if and when an allergy occurs. Do not apply to broken and wounded skin. 


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