Top 3 Skin Benefits of Guava

Top 3 Skin Benefits of Guava

Guava or Bayabas in Filipino is often used for wounds and inflammation because of its known traditional healing prowess. Its leaves’ extract is best to use as a tool for paglalanggas or dispersing of the injury as it can dry it faster.

Guava has many more benefits aside from that. In fact, its fruit and leaves can be useful for skin maintenance and provides even complexion. It treats more than the aesthetics, but also skin deep.

  1. It helps in treating skin discoloration

Guava, in general, is a good source of Vitamin K. It can help in treating discoloration on your skin and eliminates its unusual patches. It is also good for soothing or reducing the skin’s redness and irritation.

If you are having problems with cystic acne, you can also use Guava extract or Guava soap to soothe the affected area.

  1. It firms the skin better

Guava is also rich in Vitamin C that can help to decrease the skin’s immature aging. It is also an excellent resource of collagen that can help the surface to become softer and renew cells.

  1. It hydrates the skin

There are also many fruits and extract that can hydrate the skin, Guava is one of them. It gives the skin better moisture while it helps in treating redness, irritation, and minor inflammation.

Happy Shift Guava with Moringa Soap can give you the same benefits mentioned above. Its distinct fragrant smell can also eliminate bad odors. For people who are working with animals – veterinarians, groomers, and caretakers – you can use the soap to get rid of the dull and grubby smell.

It has a sweet fruity smell, too. So, when somebody tells you, you smell bayabas, it’s not that all bad! 😉

Reminder: Be it known that people have different skin types and condition. While it is made of all-natural ingredients, it is still best to observe your skin’s reaction to the product or any product for that matter. All Happy Shift soaps are for external use only.


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