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Happy Shift

Happy Shift Coco Sponge

Happy Shift Coco Sponge

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Happy Shift Coco Sponge is made from cellulose, derived from wood fibers. It has an attached scrubber made from sisal fibers and coconut husks.

It is 100% biodegradable. Eco-friendly. Reusable.

From Laguna, Philippines.

Directions for use:
Put or rub a bar or a liquid soap on the Happy Shift Coco Sponge, and squeeze until foamy.

Keep in a cool dry place after use. Keep out of reach of children. Replace if already worn out or every after 2 to 3 weeks.

Small: 8cm x 7cm x 2cm
Regular: 11cm x 7cm x 2cm

Net weight: 5 grams
Material: Cellulose from wood fibers, Coconut Husks

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