Why we, at Happy Shift, don’t use fancy and upmarket packaging

Why we, at Happy Shift, don’t use fancy and upmarket packaging

Often, we are being sent messages of why we don’t have fancy packaging. Our Smoochies for one, do not have a box or a carton. Our soaps are wrapped in recycled paper with only labels from a recycled kraft carton, too.

We think that less is more. The box or carton for our Smoochies or Lip Shookt will not be reusable after that. Printing less on sticker paper would mean less trash, too. Moreover, it would only incur additional costs; thus, we want to offer the product to you as affordable as possible because we know ang hirap ng life! Hehe

We are an advocate for a better and cleaner environment and sustainable living. Hence, we also encourage everyone especially our best friends (you, our customers) to join us in the advocacy. As much as possible, we don’t want to be an additional contribution to the piling garbage in the community.

We, in the HQ also re-use plastic and paper materials. We also encourage everyone to do the same. We are working closely with our partner couriers to totally eliminate the use of plastic in the next weeks or months. We are also finding ways to offer you lesser shipping fees along with this development.

Yay! 😊


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