Loving the Best: Ways to Embrace our Local Products

Loving the Best: Ways to Embrace our Local Products


We, Pinoys, love to develop new things. From good music (OPM!) to E-jeepneys, we just can’t stop creating and innovating. We love to make things easier and better!

Different locally-made products are available online. There are soaps, cosmetics, reusable straws, oils and a lot more! 

Does buying these products the only way to show support to our local products?


Check out these other ways that we can express our love for our own:

Go to trade shows or exhibits

Trade shows or exhibits are some of the ways entrepreneurs introduce and promote their products. It is a good way to support our own because going there also means communicating with the innovators or owners. We can check new releases or on-sale products.

We can have fun with other buyers! It is also a chance to be familiar with the services exhibitors offer that you might need, personally.

Use local products on a regular basis

You will love our local products more when you use them regularly. Most of them are eco-friendly so they are safe to use every day. This will also help you talk about products in detail. You can do the next tip effectively if you’ve used local products regularly.

Share to your friends online or during discussions

Your love for local products is one of the things that does not decrease when shared. In fact, it grows! Share it online or during small talks with your friends to also help them know how good our products are. You can also impart your testimonials or stories.

Embracing our local products is also one of the ways we can show our love for the community we are in. We are not only helping our Filipino entrepreneurs but our local economy as well.

At Happy Shift, we encourage you to make a difference through loving the best!

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