How to Survive Petsa de Peligro

How to Survive Petsa de Peligro

Two days to go before we got our sweldo! So many things to buy, but so little money. Huhuhu

Salary is the reward we get for working so hard in our given profession. It sustains our families, it can help us purchase want we need and what we want; and, of course, it is one of the essentials we need, and we should work hard for.

Petsa de Peligro are those days that feel ‘almost but not quite.’ Malayo pero parang malapit din and vice versa. Sometimes, we can turn to different rakets to ace these days; most times, we don’t have any choice but to wait.

Here below are some tips we have mastered during the time of need:

Pack lunch

To make it before the end of the week is the goal. More often than not, we can’t save money because we eat so much. Hehe uhmm delivery? When you feel that your allowance or budget will fell short before the payday arrives, you can resort to packing your own lunch.

This way, you also don’t have to worry about where to eat and squeeze in your one-hour lunch break. Plus, you surely will like what you have prepared for yourself. Make sure that you use re-usable cutlery to show love for the environment, too.

“Diet” or “Share tayo! 

If you have an office BFF who feels the same way as you do, you can resort to ‘sharing’ an order for one and divide the bill into two. You can also do this as a form of diet (portion control). Plus, it is nice to share a meal with a friend!

Look more fab!

Yes, you are gipit, but you don’t need to look like it. Putting on makeup is one of the best ways to fight evil spirits that petsa de peligro brings!

Put on some bold lipstick, a powder that fights sebum, and make your skin fresher. No one would assume that you don’t have much money anymore. Flip your hair, girl!

Sleep early

Some of us are guilty of midnight-snacking. Huhuhu! Everything seems to be within reach because of the various 24-hour delivery food chains. So, to not be tempted to spend more (and gain more weight), sleeping early is the best solution. Not only it can rejuvenate our skin, but it can also provide a lifeline to our pockets.  

Always remember that this too shall pass. We are not poorita forevs. The day will come that we will be richy richy (sort of) again.

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