How to Make Your Work-From-Home Time Productive, Safe, Zero-Waste, and Eco-Friendly

How to Make Your Work-From-Home Time Productive, Safe, Zero-Waste, and Eco-Friendly

With the Enhanced Community Quarantine, majority private companies in compliance have turned to a work-from-home (WFH) set up for their employees to curb the spread of the pandemic COVID-19. The said quarantine is set to be in effect until April 14, 2020, and strict adherence is advised.  

To ensure that you will be productive while practicing safe, zero-waste, and eco-friendly options, here are some of the ways you may follow:

1. Go Paperless

Refrain from printing works that are not essential and can be accessed, edited, or read through digital. As much as possible, print only projects that are deemed final approved, and necessary. Not only that you can thrift your way around paper, you can also save power. Maximize the use of mobile and desktop applications.

2. Follow a Feasible or Standard Work Schedule

A whole WFH setup can be tricky especially for first-timers or for jobs that usually require physical interaction with other stakeholders (e.g. customer service, sales, marketing personnel, etc.). It will help to still follow the usual schedule and apply breaks, so you won’t be bombarded with tasks.

Self-discipline is essential in order to fulfill your duties while at home. It could be challenging in the beginning but with strict compliance, you can master it.

3. Turn-Off Appliances and Lights That Are Not In Use

To save power, turning off appliances, lights, and other gadgets when not in use is one of the most practical ways. Not only it will help you save money in paying utilities, but it will also help the environment to fewer carbon emissions.

4. Prepare Your Meals in Advance

Before you get on with your WFH day, ensure that you are equipped with food that can help you boost your energy and stay healthy especially in times like this. If you know that you will have to accomplish a lot of tasks in the day, it will help if you prepare your meals in advance so it will be ready to cook once you have your break.

Ensure that you only prepare just enough amount of food you can consume so it will not go to waste after. #ZeroWaste

While WFH employees are privileged enough to spend their time at home and be distant from the spread of COVID-19, please be it known while some of us are in advantage, there are still some who need to go out to serve the community most especially our front liners in the medical field and research. Let us pray for them and strictly follow the mandate against the proliferation of COVID-19. Let us also keep in our thoughts the homeless, the laborers, and our public transport drivers who are in a deep challenge for survival because of the lockdown. If we can help them, whether big or small, let us do so.

Let us help our country to be better. Let us be more understanding, compliant, and unselfish. We are all in this together.

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