How to Make Someone Like You

How to Make Someone Like You

More and more of us are still or becoming single. We may ask, “is love really is a difficult thing to find?” While this is a common question by many of us who are single, we should also make sure that we aren’t closing any doors for those who want to profess their love to us. #PakibilisPlease

Don’t wait in vain and ensure that you make the most of your singlehood to explore whatever it is that you want. Travel to as many places as possible, attend different workshops or lessons, volunteer, watch plays, and other things you may consider fun.

To help you, here are some of the things you can do to get someone to like you:

  1. Stay fresh and BO-free

Staying fresh and maintaining a good body odor is a turn on for everyone. Seldom would want someone who has a strong body odor.


Your smell can help someone determine how clean and neat you are as a person. Therefore, if you want to make a good impression on someone, making sure your BO-free is a must. Ensure that you are using the right soap based on your skin type and put a trustworthy deodorant that can last throughout the day.

  1. Clean and Fix Your Hair

Truth be told, your hair can do magic that gives you a different aura. If you want to appear presentable, then having neat and non-oily hair is the answer.

With our season today, it is so hard to maintain a beautiful shiny hair. Dust and pollution can affect even our scalp moisture that may also lead to dandruff and dull hair. Don’t forget to use friendly shampoo and conditioner.

  1. Keep your face shine-free

You what they say, ‘oiliness is next to ugliness.’ Keeping your face sebum-free can make you look neater. If you have oily skin, you can control it by using an all-natural soap and put some mineral powder before you go out of the house. You can also put some useful face oil at night to ensure your pores are clog-free.

Don’t forget to put some sunscreen, use products with SPF, and wash your face before going to bed.

  1. Put some color

Adding some color on your face can enhance your facial features better. Add some colors on your lips or cheeks. This way, you won’t appear too pale, and it will give you that extra confidence you need to be in front of people (and of course, your crush!).

Remember that less is more. Put just a little amount and don’t exaggerate it – just enough to enhance your natural beauty.

  1. Stay positive and happy

Happy people are always the best to be around. They can influence your outlook in life that can also inspire you to be a better version of yourself and share it with others. Nothing can ever beat being optimistic even in the presence of challenges. Keep your days with hope and faith. Good things will surely follow.

If you are attracted and liking someone in your radar, the often goal is to get that person to like you. Many would attempt to be someone they’re not just to match the ideals of that individual. However, we still believe that being yourself will make you a winner even ten times more. Investing and loving yourself is the first step towards your #forever.

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