Happy Shift Gift Registry: Making your celebrations extra special and sustainable

Happy Shift Gift Registry: Making your celebrations extra special and sustainable

As we always wanted to be part of your special celebrations, we are now offering a gift registry option that you can provide to your guests or invitees!

Through our website, you may create a gift registry and choose from our items available and add it on your wish list. Your guests and loved ones may access our website and purchase items you'd want for your special occasion based on your registry. 

Here are some steps that can guide you:

For Registrants

1. Go to bit.ly/HSGiftRegistry or to happy-shift.com.
2. Click the CREATE REGISTRY button, nominate a title for your registry (Best to use your name), fill-out the necessary information, nominate your password, and click next.
3. Provide your complete DELIVERY DETAILS. This is where we will shipped purchased/paid items from your registry so you can receive them directly. 
4. Navigate around Happy Shift website, explore products, and add them on your gift registry by clicking ADD TO REGISTRY
5. Once added, you will see on your Gift Registry account the items on your wish list. 
6. Share our website link, happy-shift.com, to your guests and loved ones. 

For Guests

1. Go to bit.ly/HSGiftRegistry or to happy-shift.com.
2. Go to FIND REGISTRY option and type the name of gift registrants based on your host/celebrant. 
3. Click VIEW and you will see items including in their wish list. 
4. Once you have chosen, you may click BUY THIS GIFT
5. Copy the nominated address of your host/celebrant that you may use for check-out.
6. Pay via your payment platform of choice and update the Gift Registry by ticking YES if you have already purchased the item. 

Enjoy the convenience it can give as you do not need to go out to look for gifts.

All items purchased from the Gift Registry option will be wrapped in a nice, eco-friendly, and sustainable gift wrappers with ribbons and notes/name of the sender. 

We look forward to celebrating with you!

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