Golden Ways to Get Over a Breakup

Golden Ways to Get Over a Breakup

Our inbox hasn’t only catered product and shipping questions, but also panlaban shades and how to be happy after a breakup.

Truth be told, getting over a breakup is easier said than done. You are not only letting go a person, but you are also saying goodbye to tons of memories you shared. #Masheket

They say moving on from someone may take half of the time you’ve been together in total (on an average). Whatever it may be, whether it takes too long or too short, the pain was and still real. However, don’t let the situation shun you to be your best self.

Here are some of the golden ways you can get over a breakup:

Let it all out

If you want to cry, cry. If you want to get angry, get angry. It is part of the process you need to go through to get over that someone. Whether you were the one who ended the relationship or not, still it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t painful on your end.

Don’t lure yourself in the illusion that it’s okay. Sometimes, it’s really not. You must be honest about what you feel, so you can easily let go of everything ASAP.

Give yourself time to grieve. Craft a deadline. It’s useful, so you can focus on more important matters sooner.

Reach out to your friends and family

You don’t have to go through the breakups alone. You have friends and family who are more than willing to help you and be your shoulder to cry on. Sometimes, you just have to let them know how they can be of help.

Lean on them and spend time with them in this phase of your life. You’ll see that there’s still good about life and there are still people who need your love and care.

Explore a new hobby

Keeping yourself busy is extremely effective. If you’re done and too tired of crying, try to do different stuff that can gain you a new skill or at least can entertain you.

You can try different workshops to gain skill, explore a place you always wish to visit, or even enroll yourself to school again. These are good diversions; plus, you can rebuild yourself back again. 

Reconnect with yourself

Show more love to yourself at this point in time. You’ve given enough to a person already; this time, it is a great moment for you to concentrate on yourself.

Take good care of yourself through using products that you’ll feel so much better. Put makeup on, spend time alone in a nice place, or go for that retail therapy

Moving on isn’t easy. The sooner you do it, the more time you can enjoy yourself and the more readily you can find someone new again.

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