GIFT GUIDE: Happy Shift’s BEST-SELLERS to Give Your Loved Ones This Christmas

GIFT GUIDE: Happy Shift’s BEST-SELLERS to Give Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Gift-giving should come from the heart, no matter how small or big it is. Give the gift of love and #sustainability this holiday season! Here are Happy Shift’s best-sellers under PHP300.00:

Happy Shift commits to delivering all-natural and sustainable products that are made affordable for everyone. Moreover, raw materials are sourced locally to help the community to grow businesses and support our regional agriculture by obtaining natural ingredients from them.

If you are looking for budget-friendly, well-thought, and useful present to give your friends, colleagues, and loved ones this Christmas season, here are some of Happy Shift’s best-selling products you may consider:

5. Powder Matte Tint

Happy Shift Powder Matte Tint is limited edition matte tints that give a powder finish and leaves a nice color pigment even when wiped off. It comes with four different nude shades of Diwata, Malaya, Reyna, and Sinag. The colors are selectively chosen for everyday use – for school, work, or late-night hangouts.

These tints are formulated with all-natural ingredients. They are good at moisturizing the lips with its non-thick formula that is also lightweight.   

Price: PHP170.00/each (10ml)

4. 11-Piece Bamboo Brush Set

Do you do your makeup on-the-go? Happy Shift Bamboo Brush set is made for that! We, at Happy Shift, have received suggestions to offer makeup brushes that are made locally and affordable. Your wish is our command.

This Bamboo Brush set consists of 11 brushes for specific purposes. They are lightweight and made from Bamboo with a touch of aluminum (one, if not the most recyclable material). It is perfect for daily use and travel. The brushes are easy to clean, soft, and handy.

Price: PHP299.00/set

3. Bamboo Toothbrush

Toothbrushes must be replaced every three months. If you are using plastic toothbrushes, chances are, it will go directly to landfills and will stay there even hundreds of years after. Bamboo Toothbrush is the best alternative to it.

Happy Shift’s Bamboo Toothbrush consists of soft charcoal bristles with anti-microbial material – the ones that are most-recommended by dentists that will not harm your gums and pearly whites; and duly biodegradable Bamboo body.

Price: PHP129.00/each

2. Body Cleansing Soaps

Happy Shift’s array of Body Cleansing Soaps has been a regular souvenir to various events like weddings, birthday and Christmas parties, and reunions. These soaps are made from all-natural fruits and vegetables locally sourced in the Philippines.

These soaps are good for a month’s use and can also be used on the face.
These soaps are also made safe for pregnant and lactating women as well as for toddlers minimum two years old. (Please note that people’s skin conditions vary. If you have certain allergies from the ingredients provided for each soap, it is best to stop its use.)

This coming December 2019, a new variant will be offered.

Price: PHP55.00/each (120 grams)

1. Calamansi Soap with Baking Soda

The Calamansi Soap with Baking Soda is Happy Shift’s ALL-TIME BEST-SELLER. It is a hand-made all-natural soap that aims to deodorize and rejuvenates the skin. It is effective to lighten dark spots and dark areas of the skin and can be both used as face and body soap.

Like the Happy Shift Body Cleansing Soaps, this round soap is also a regular to be given as souvenirs to different events and parties. We have sold thousands of pieces of this soap – and yes, it is indeed small but terrible.

Price: PHP39.00 (50 grams)

Giving should be all-year-round. It does not matter how big or small your gifts are, it is the thought that always counts!

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