The weather in the Philippines could be a little unpredictable due to climate change. It could be extremely hot and humid on some days and could be raining at other times. 

Aside from the Metro Manila traffic and flood-prone streets, the one thing that suffers more is our skin. It can lead to drying or oiliness (depending on your skin type), it can break out, or attract dirt. Most of the time, we also notice our makeup base or foundation caking up especially in the middle of the day or at night. 

Happy Shift Mineral Loose Powder can help you with those dilemmas. 


Happy Shift Mineral Loose Powder is made from all-natural ingredients that are deemed safe to use and ideal for those who have sensitive skin. It gives that light to medium coverage (use a wet sponge to achieve more makeup coverage). 

It can act as an excellent makeup base if you prefer the no-makeup-look and it can also mattifying your face and work as a baking product to prolong your makeup. It is also safe for pregnant women. 

Happy Shift Mineral Loose Powder has a translucent finish despite its beige color. It is suitable for any skin type and skin tone. 


Happy Shift Mineral Loose Powder is made from cacao powder, arrowroot, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Thus, it is safe for your daily use without causing harm to your skin. 

While the products are all-natural, you may also consider if you have allergies to the ingredients mentioned above. It is to ensure that you would not have any problems utilizing the mineral loose powder. 


Happy Shift Mineral Loose Powder is priced for ONLY P199.00 for 30 grams/piece. It is good for 2 to 3 months of daily use. 


Use a blusher brush or a kabuki brush to apply for light coverage on your face. You may use a reusable makeup sponge for medium coverage. Apply as desired. 

With Happy Shift's product, you may only need once or twice re-touch. It is already good for the whole day. ;)

Happy Shift Mineral Loose Powder (30 grams) for P199.00 ONLY


Store in a cool, dry place and do not expose to direct heat of the sun. The mineral loose powder is packed individually in a reusable makeup canister with kraft paper as packaging. Products are best on or before its 18th month from first use.

We do not use a box for our makeup because we believe that less is more. Makeup boxes often end up in the trash because they are not usually reused. Hence, the reason why we believe that it is better to cut-on garbage and other non-useful packagings. 

In shipping, we often use the parcel that our partner courier provides. We are working on making our own sustainable packaging for the betterment of the environment and its stakeholder. We encourage everyone to REUSE, RECYCLE or DISPOSE PROPERLY all paper and plastics from our packaging. This way, we could all help nature and create a difference. 


As said, Happy Shift Mineral Loose Powder is made from all-natural ingredients. It is still better to know if you are allergic to the components mentioned to ensure that the product will have no adverse reaction to your skin. 

Do not apply to broken or wounded skin. In case of allergies and other harmful skin reactions, please stop using the product. 


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