As a social enterprise, we feel the urgent need to duly practice what we preach. As we show our concern for the environment through consuming sustainable materials and ingredients for our products, we also want to lessen the rubbish that we contribute.

Us, in Happy Shift Organics, pack our products in recyclable paper. As much as possible, we refute the use of plastic in our materials; except for our makeup products that we still put into plastic tubes to be deemed safe to use and maintain its longevity for daily use. Moreover, we had still use plastic pouches to ensure that your orders will get to you in good condition. This sound ironic on our part.

For months of search and talks with a different courier, we were able to provide a solution to this arising need. Starting today on our succeeding deliveries, we are no longer be using plastic pouches. Instead, we are going to utilize our recycled papers and other sustainable materials. Rest assured that your orders will be delivered to you safe and no issues.

Joining the #breakfreefromplastic movement is one, if not the best decisions we have ever made. We feel good knowing that we give you and our environment the best of we can offer. While this is only one of the many plans we have in the pipeline, we are glad that we have already started.

Our little efforts can mean so much for our nature. Let this be the beginning of many more wonderful things we can do as sellers and consumers. Beauty does not to be in the expense of our environment; as beauty is in and for everyone, equally, and undoubtedly.

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