#BreakFreeFromPlastic: Happy Shift Organics Wooden Cutlery

#BreakFreeFromPlastic: Happy Shift Organics Wooden Cutlery

Our country, the Philippines, produces approximately 2.7 million tons of plastic waste every year. In addition, 20 percent or an estimated 500 thousand tons go to the ocean and other bodies of water.

Tons of waste also goes directly to the landfills, and the majority of it is plastics – straws, cutlery, plastic bags, and plastic bottles among others. Thus, our homes and cities are endangered to insalubrious waste management and continuous production.

As a part of the thriving solutions to provide products that are sustainable and could be a new ‘shift’ to the items that the community was used to, a conscious and constant effort shall be deemed necessary and useful.

Using Wooden Cutlery as a solution to the usual plastic utensils could save people a lot from using disposable tools that are considered an addition to the waste in the landfills.

Consuming Less Plastic 

To help the environment consume less and eventually eliminate the use of plastics, especially on food products. Though it might be challenging at times because there are things that people have used that may be deemed convenient, refusing the practice of utilizing disposable cutlery would be a great help.

 Declining plastic usage may still be challenging; thus, local products should also check with their social responsibility to offer items that utilize less plastic. The more social enterprises emerge and getting supported by the local community, the better it will be for both the environment and the social economy.

The ‘Shift,’ a Happy one

Happy Shift Organics aims to provide all-natural and sustainable products, like its Wooden Cutlery, to offer tenable ‘shift’ from the items the community used to consume. Creating alternate solutions that will help the local put a halt on utilizing plastics could be the start of a better and more livable environment for the current and future generation.

Preserving what the nation currently has enriching natural treasures will save resources and funds. Thus, it starts from within us, our homes, and our families.



Happy Shift Organics’ Wooden Cutlery is 6-piece cutlery set in a burrito canvas packaging. It consists of a wooden spoon, fork, knife, chopsticks, straw, and a straw cleaner.

 It is perfect for daily use and travels locally and abroad.
Only at P399.00



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