Basic Tips to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Basic Tips to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Sustainable lifestyle could mean living using minimal or fewer products that come from natural resources and maintaining the health of the environment per se.

Living in a more sustainable manner can work wonders and can help save the Earth’s natural possessions for the next generation.

It would not hurt us to show a little concern about nature and its stakeholders – co-humans, plants, and animals. In fact, it would prolong their life that is known to be helpful in the ecosystem of the world we live in.

Should you wish to start a lifestyle that is sustainable and does not know how to commence with it, here are some of the basic things you can do:

Turn it off

Electricity takes up so much energy that releases emissions that endanger our habitat. To live a more sustainable lifestyle, you can start by turning off lights that are not in use and use natural light instead. Not only you can help the environment, but you can also save a lot of money.

 Use all-natural products

All-natural products are more recommended especially to pregnant and lactating women. It is because such products do not contain chemicals that can risk the newborn child and the mother. Hence, using all-natural ingredients should be the best option for many. 

There are minimal to zero risks by using all-natural products; thus, it also helps the local businesses to promote their own products and alleviate from unsafe product consumption. 

Us, in Happy Shift Organics, ensure that our products and ingredients are all-natural, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free. We also aim to lessen our garbage by using less packaging as possible. Currently, we are working on talking with our courier providers to eliminate the use of plastics for delivery and opening our zero-waste store in Manila to lessen the carbon footprint and wrappers we normally use for deliveries (more on this soon!).


We often heard the tip re-use. It is not a cliché; it is the way to go. Instead of purchasing bottled water, you may opt to re-use bottles and refill water once you need it. You should also put a halt on using plastic cutlery and utilize a reusable one then. 

A sustainable lifestyle could be also considered both a commitment and a passion. It is a mindful effort to do something for the environment or the world we live in. While at it, do not feel pressured that your initiatives are too small; be it known that what you are doing will eventually influence others to do the same – yes, no matter how tiny it would be.

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