5 Reasons Why Bamboo Toothbrush Can Change How You Brush Your Teeth

5 Reasons Why Bamboo Toothbrush Can Change How You Brush Your Teeth

We know toothbrushes as part of our daily routine. We travel, go to work or school, and on-the-go with it. As we take good care of our teeth, we also need to put attention to what we use to clean it.

Dental health is one aspect of us that we should not take for granted. Hence why dentists recommend for us to replace our toothbrush every three months. But what happens to those plastic toothbrushes that we discard once every quarter?

Plastic toothbrushes, like most single-use plastics, go straight to landfills and stays there for decades and even hundreds of years after.

With this dilemma, using a Bamboo Toothbrush is the best choice. Aside from its eco-friendly and biodegradable qualities, here are five reasons why it can change how you brush your teeth:

  1. They are antimicrobial

Bamboo toothbrushes are made with soft charcoal bristles that are considered naturally antimicrobial. This characteristic ensures suppression of growing bacteria in the mouth; thus, it leaves your gums and crowns healthy.

It is advised that you wash your toothbrush thoroughly with water after use.

  1. They are lightweight

Brushing your teeth should be prioritized. It can entice you more to wash your pearly whites if you enjoy using your toothbrush.

Bamboo toothbrushes are lightweight. You do not need to shell out a lot of effort just by brushing your teeth. You do not need any other accessories with it, too. You can take it literally everywhere.

  1. They are sustainable

Bamboo plants are easy to grow. Thus, our country is known to be one of the leading sources of bamboo products in the world. Using bamboo as a material for a toothbrush is something sustainable. They are also deemed safe to utilize because bamboo plants do not need fertilizers for it to develop.

  1. They are environment-friendly

Your small acts can go a long way. Pursuing an alternative to plastics can help the environment cut down on existing waste problems. Bamboo toothbrushes are easy to be decomposed. You do not need to worry that your old toothbrush is sitting in the landfills and being part of the garbage crisis.

  1. They are simple

Less is always more. If you are into a minimalist lifestyle, bamboo toothbrushes can help you with it. Their aesthetic designs are straight-forward, and it gives you to eco-friendly vibe inside your bathroom or anywhere else for that matter.

Do you want to shift from using a plastic toothbrush to a Bamboo one? Try here.

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