5 Easy Ways to Show Kindness to Yourself

5 Easy Ways to Show Kindness to Yourself

Taking care of yourself is not selfish. It is essential.

It renews you to give more to the people you love and care about. It is a form of therapy that your mind and body will surely thank you.

Many would associate self-care or self-love as an expense – that you need to buy things to take care of you, that you have to pay for a service to calm you.

No matter how much you spent or do for your self-care needs, it does not matter. What matters is the joy, the love, and the kindness you feel for yourself especially if you are giving your 100% to others.

However, self-care does not always equate to spending money. It is also showcasing these factors towards yourself:

  1. Acknowledge your achievements

Be proud and happy for what you have achieved no matter how small. You do not wait for people to celebrate you, celebrate yourself and be grateful for the opportunity and the strength you have demonstrated.

In acknowledging your accomplishments, you would determine your strengths and weaknesses. It will give you the chance to grow, learn more, and share.

  1. Spend some “me” time

Daily work could be tiring, traffic is still horrendous, and people could be toxic. Spending some “me” time can help you re-connect with yourself and check out the things you feel inside you that might be missing out.

Choosing to put on makeup and spending longer time in the shower could be a form of “me” time. Beautify yourself not for others, but you. It can boost your confidence, give you a natural glow, and pamper you especially at times you need it the most.

  1. Forgive yourself from your mistakes or shortcomings

We all make bad choices in life, and it should not define us. Having mistakes is part of the learning process we need in our lives to become better people.

We may feel low at some point due to our shortcomings; however, it is better to be reminded that it is normal for us to feel that way. In this sense, we could recognize what went wrong and take it as an opportunity to be better.

  1. Embrace your ‘true’ self

It is not easy being someone who you are not. In the digital age, you could be pressure to put on a face that is not truly yours so that you can appease others. Be it known that you cannot please everybody. There are still people who may not like you no matter how nice you are to them or people who can still betray you even if you showed them love and only that.

Forgive them, but do not forget. Be ‘real/true’ to whom you are as a person. You do not have to stick to something just because the majority tells you to. You must identify what you want in life, and the rest will follow.

  1. Respect yourself

Respect is not only given to other people, but you also offer it to yourself first and foremost. Respect yourself to walk away from people who do not see your worth. Respect yourself to not settle for anything or anyone less you deserve.

Keeping your principle, dignity, and being acquainted with who you are is also a form of respect you can give to yourself.

Keep yourself a priority. Make yourself happy and do not rely on others for happiness. While they are critical factors to who you really are as a person, you should not also pressure them to give you happiness. Joy comes from within you, and it is the kindness to yourself that will bring you more of that.

Give yourself an all-natural love you deserve.

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