5 Benefits of Stainless Straws

5 Benefits of Stainless Straws

It feels so refreshing to end up a tiring day by drinking your favorite milk tea!

But do you know how you can use it as an opportunity to save the environment? Well, by using stainless straws

Here are some of the reasons why we should use stainless straws and #breakfreefromplastic:

1. They are reusable

Stainless straws are reusable. You can use them when you go to coffee shops or any of your favorite tambayan.  Use them until you want without worrying about breaking them. Stainless steels are durable!

 2. They’re easy to clean

Cleaning game is extra fun with stainless straws. Rinse them before and after use, clean with dishwashing liquid, and you’re good to go! These kinds of straws also come with their own cleaning brush which depends on the size of your straw. You don’t actually have to worry about removing stuck up pearls!

3. They are environment-friendly

Since you are not using plastic, stainless straws help in preventing pollution. They’re in it for the long term which is kind of a tipid tip as well.

4. They are safe to use

Bisphenol A or BPA is a chemical that has negative effects on our health as well as in the environment. Stainless straws are BPA-free. You are 100% sure they are safe to use.

5. Good for travels and as gifts

Stainless straws are convenient because they are lightweight and contains their own clean brushes as well. When you travel, they won’t take much space in your bag. Moreover, you can give them as gifts for any occasion. This way, you make someone and the environment happy all at the same time.

Always remember that you can help the environment even in every little thing you do, even in your simple ways. Go green with stainless straws!

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