4 Tips to Spot Perfectly Useful Makeup Brushes

4 Tips to Spot Perfectly Useful Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are tools we all need to apply our makeup. Though sponges and bare hands are deemed useful too, there are also consistencies that makeup brushes provide to give that flawless and fresh look. 

Brushes like Happy Shift's 11-piece Bamboo Brush Set are made of synthetic bristles. This type of bristles works best for creams and liquid makeups. 

Happy Shift's 11-piece Bamboo Makeup Brush Set with Canvass Pouch

To know that your purchase is worth it, here are some points you must consider in selecting a brush set for your basic makeup needs: 

1. The fluffier the brush, the more it can blend; and the less product it applies. 

If you want to enjoy the pigment of your makeup, try to use a thinner brush. Fluffy brushes like blush brush or kabuki brush are useful for blending your makeup and applying products on the larger part of your face. 

If you are a fan of using cream-based makeup (like most of Happy Shift's products), it is best to blend it properly with a fluffy or thicker brush. Your fingers would also be useful in applying some of the makeup on your face. 

2. Flat brushes are helpful to apply more product or add more color

Should you want to apply more amount of products on your face (or someone else's), flat brushes are useful. You can have control on the pigment you are trying to achieve with these brushes and how you want to colors to appear on your face. 

3. It is better to have different brushes for each makeup product

You may wonder why many people need several brushes to complete their makeup kit. The truth is, it is better if you have a different brush for each of your makeup product. This is to not mix colors with another, especially if you are applying eyeshadow on your eyelids. 

4. Brushes that are made 'too stiff' would not apply makeup products properly

As a beginner, sometimes you may notice that a brush is somehow loose or too 'stiff' for its kind. Don't get it wrong; you did not buy the wrong brush. In fact, it is also useful that a brush does not contain too many 'hairs' to provide certain consistency when you apply your makeup. 

Perfect brush set would also depend on how you use it. It is up to you on how you would be able to utilize brushes to be part of your daily makeup routine. These items listed above are only basic tips you might find useful in choosing a good makeup brush set. 

Happy Shift's 11-piece Bamboo Brush Set is made locally in the Philippines. It is made from synthetic washable bristles with bamboo handles and comes with a reusable canvass pouch. The brushes are duly sterilized with a special Witch Hazel Extract. 


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