3 Ways to Detox Your Home

3 Ways to Detox Your Home

As we gradually transition to onsite work and eased quarantine protocols, we must never forget the practices to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 as it is still here present. But stating the obvious and onto more than a year to this pandemic, home is where we usually are.

Home is where we must feel most safe, less stressed, and comfortable. However, sometimes various clutter in the house makes us feel uneasy and irritated. Making the effort to detox our home pave the way to detox our lives as well, and we can start that by exploring some sustainable and natural choices:

1. Less is more.

Of course, this will depend on your lifestyle and current situation (or basically, your need), but in the Happy Shift HQ and line with our advocacy to live sustainably, we believe that less is always more – in all aspects – most specifically with the products we use – bath and body products.

Depending on your skin type (and please consult your dermatologist/s, too), products that are infused with natural vital resources to moisturize, soothe, and care for your skin are the way to go. The less you use, sometimes, the better it is for you.

Less is more.

2. Shift to Reusables and Plastic-Free, as much as possible. 

Here in the Philippines, we are used to the ‘tingi’ system, and this is empowered by using plastic sachets. These sachets end up in the landfills and even in the ocean – our country has become the 1third largest ocean polluter in the world.

Shift to reusables and plastic-free

To detoxify your home with less trash, shifting to reusables and plastic-free are encouraged. Not only you would be able to mitigate pollution, but you would also have that peace knowing that you cleaned your reusables yourself and thrift your way through using products until their tiniest piece.

3. Take care of your greens.

Now that almost every one of us is into taking care of our plant babies. Doing so in the city could be more challenging since that our places are almost always cut out in the urban jungle of small spaces and busyness.

When you get home to healthy plant babies, you would notice yourself getting less stressed and becoming typically calm. Whether they are for indoor or outdoor, taking good care of them also equates to taking good care of yourself.

Home is where the heart is. Being comfortable in your home whether you are working from home or have to gladiator your way through in the outside world.


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