Happy Shift PH’s Nursery Crafter move towards the reforestation of Sierra Madre

Happy Shift PH joined the ‘Vegan Plant-A-Plenty Project’ organized by Let’s Grow Philippines (LGP) last December 30, 2020, by sponsoring saplings to plant ten trees for the benefit of the Sierra Madre. This effort will be a continuous project of Happy Shift PH to help the reforestation of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range to further help nature, protect communities, and save animals’ habitat.

The mountains of Sierra Madre – the longest mountain range in the Philippines and serves as the significant lung of the country is the home of an estimated 30 million trees and other plants/vegetables. Trees are an essential part of nature as they serve as natural barriers to natural calamities such as strong winds and flooding.

The Vegan Plant-A-Plenty Project by LGP has planted 2,020 trees. This project will surely help in the reforestation, conservation, and preservation of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. Together with other sponsors and partners, Happy Shift PH assures that this will be a continuous supported effort for the benefit of the mountains and the community.  

To know more about how you can help, you may also visit Let’s Grow PhilippinesA portion of Happy Shift PH’s revenue is being donated to various organizations and projects beneficial to nature and the local community.

Image on the cover of this blog is by Jenica Ancheta | Official Gazette 

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