Happy Shift Plant Vitamin Spray: Helping Your Urban Garden to Grow

Happy Shift Plant Vitamin Spray: Helping Your Urban Garden to Grow

Happy Shift’s Plant Vitamin Spray contains Epsom Salt or Magnesium Sulfate, a natural mineral that includes magnesium and sulfur (MgSO4). This Plant Vitamin Spray formula is made of all-natural ingredients that are set to be beneficial for your urban garden plants.

Plant Vitamin Spray Benefits

For organic or natural gardening, Plant Vitamin Spray serves as a fertilizer or a form of pesticide for your plants. It is cost-effective, easily acceptable for plants, and can duly assist their growth.

The most acclaimed benefit of Epsom Salt and this Plant Vitamin Spray is that it helps plants’ formation of chlorophyll that is essential for photosynthesis. It also improves the plants’ abilities to bloom and produce flowers and fruits.

Plant Vitamin Spray can help your fruit-bearing plant to produce sweet and healthy fruits. It can also help your potted ones maintain its original color and to avoid fast withering and leaf curling. The latter happens due to a deficiency in magnesium; thus, using Plant Vitamin Spray on its leaves can help the plant maintain its leaf posture.

Directions For Use

Happy Shift Plant Vitamin Spray is already formulated with enough magnesium that is standard for potted plants in your urban garden. Start by spraying an adequate amount (3-4 sprays) on your plants once a month for small plants, and every other week for bigger plants.

It is also best to see how your plants react to Plant Vitamin Spray. If you feel that one of your plants needs it more, you may resort to spraying every other week instead of once a month. Remember that too much of it everything is not good and may cause damage to your plants.

Do not worry if you do not see results right away as it takes consistency. Watering your plants and exposing it to enough sunlight are also the keys to making it grow healthily.

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